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DYNAFOAM® 7440FC For Battery Packs

Mono-component foam-in-place gasketing material for battery pack covers.

DYNAFOAM® Foam-In-Place System

The DYNAFOAM® product line includes a range of foam in place gasketing formulations designed to meet a variety of needs, including end use, softness, density reduction capability and application technique.


Green Glue Company has the right solutions to noiseproof your life.

NORBOND® - Solar Energy

As solar energy continues to gain momentum, Saint-Gobain Solar is speeding up its growth in the field of renewable energies by being active in three segments: photovoltaic, thermal solar (hot water production) and solar thermodynamics (solar concentrators).


Bonding stiffener bars & framing with NORBOND EZ Clad 

NORBOND™ Optical Foam PE Tape

High shear acrylic adhesive tapes manufactured with high density foam. The products have been designed specifically for lens grinding/blocking applications which use a wide range of different equipment types.

NORBOND™ Polyethylene Bonding Tapes - Acrylic Adhesive

NORFIX® Polyethylene tape with acrylic adhesive 

NORBOND™ Polyethylene Bonding Tapes - Rubber Adhesive

NORFIX® Polyethylene tape with rubber adhesive 

NORBOND™ PUR Tapes - all purposes

NORMOUNT® polyurethane tapes combine a high-density polyurethane foam substrate with high-performance acrylic adhesive on both sides.

NORBOND™ PUR Tapes - Automotive

NORMOUNT® automotive grade bonding tapes are engineered with a durable closed cell polyurethane foam with a high-performance acrylic adhesive system.

NORMOUNT® Acrylic Foam Tapes

NORMOUNT® acrylic foam tapes are engineered with a 100% acrylic core and feature a high--performance adhesive system for a wide range of applications.

NORSEAL® CST™ Comfort & Silence Joist Tape

NORSEAL® CST™ Comfort and Silence Joist Tape is an elastomeric, flexible foam noise control tape for residential and commercial construction. 


Solutions for packaging prismatic lithium ion cells.

NORSEAL® EV : Cushioning

NORSEAL® PF & SF-Series ensure a stable compression force deflection (CFD) over a wide range of compression rate (%) which makes it possible to compensate for battery cells' expansion and design tolerances.

NORSEAL® Foam Extrusion

NOREX® and NORPRENE® custom extruded foam profiles offer a number of features specially designed to enhance user productivity.

NORSEAL® Foam Rubber

COHRlastic® F-12 modified cell silicone foam rubber provides excellent flame retardance (UL 94 V-0) with low toxicity and smoke generation in a conformable expanded cellular material.

NORSEAL® LO-SKID High Density Traction Foam

NORSEAL Lo-Skid is an advanced formulation, high-density urethane foam widely recommended for bumpers and footpads for appliances and electronic products.

NORSEAL® Micro-Cellular Polyurethane Foam

NORSEAL® micro-cellular polyurethane foams are offered in a broad range of properties, making them ideal for a variety of gasketing and energy absorption needs.

NORSEAL® PVC Foams - Firm Foams

NORSEAL® firm foams are ideal for higher compression gaskets, vibration dampening and applications requiring good abrasion resistance.

NORSEAL® PVC Foams - Glazing Tapes

NORSEAL® closed-cell foam tape with high-performance adhesive is ideal for selaing glass into framing systems.

NORSEAL® PVC Foams - Medium Foams

NORSEAL® medium-grade foams are most suitable for common air and water seals.

NORSEAL® PVC Foams - Soft Foams

NORSEAL® soft grade foam products are ideal for sealing thin gauge materials and irregular surfaces, and as an acoustical barrier.  

NORSEAL® Reinforced Solid Rubber

NORSEAL line of fiberglass-reinforced silicone solid rubber.

NORSEAL® Silicone Sponge Rubber

NORSEAL full line of closed cell expanded silicone sponge rubbe rfor a variety of gasketing, cushioning, insulating and protective applications, over a wide temperature and environmental range.

NORSEAL® Silicone Tape

Strip-N-Stick® (SNS) silicone tapes provide all of the benefits of our silicone rubber in an easy-to-apply, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape form.

NORSEAL® Solid Rubber

The NORSEAL ® solid silicone rubber line includes specification grade, high-performance grade and electrically conductive grade products.

NORSEAL® Uncured Silicone: Insulation Tapes

NORSEAL, custom-compounded fiberglass fabric coated with silicone rubber and supplied in an uncured state and uncured silicone rubber electrical insulation tape

OP45 & OP46 Blocking Pads

Maximise Edging ROI with NORBOND®  Blocking Pads

OP5C Blocking Pads

NORBOND® Blocking Pads for a Wide-Range of Lenses

OP7 Series

Enhance Efficiencies with OP7 Series Blocking Pads for General Use Saint Gobain's OP7 Series edging pad combines strong acrylic adhesive and polyurethane foam for a superior hold.

ProtectION+® DPL 1.0 Dual Purpose Layer

Silicone coated fabric offering extreme electrical insulation while providing a thermally conductive pathway.

ProtectION+® MPS Multipurpose Sponge

Thermally conductive closed cell silicone sponge rubber.

ProtectION+™ DPL 1.3 Dual Purpose Layer

Unsupported thermally conductive solid silicone rubber.

ProtectION+™ DPL 1.6 Dual Purpose Layer

Economical, soft ceramic-filled silicone elastomer typically supplied with a PET release liner on both sides.

ProtectION+™ DPL 3.0 Dual Purpose Layer

Highest performance thermally conductive material.

ProtectION+™ PF40 Polyurethane Foams

Enhanced, micro-cellular polyurethane foam solution for packaging prismatic lithium ion cells.

ProtectION+™ SF50 Silicone Foam

Premium foam solution for packaging prismatic lithium ion cells.

Specialty gasketing : Automotive : NORSEAL® AGP 200

AGPTM 200 foam is a uniquely engineered polymer that provides outstanding performance characteristics.

Specialty gasketing : Glazing : NORSEAL® Glass Protection Pads

Single sided adhesive coated foam products incorporating a peelable acrylic adhesive and a high density PVC foam for the protection and seperation of glass.  


Saint Gobain Performance Plastics ThermaCool® thermal interface products are designed to efficiently manage heat build up while keeping customer assembly costs to a minimum.

Thermalbond & Thermalbond Xpress - Life Cycle Assessments

Thermalbond® & Thermalbond XpressTM Life Cycle Assessments & Press Releases

Thermalbond® & Thermalbond Xpress™ Spacer Tapes

The industry standard for more than 30 years, Thermalbond® is the world’s most recognized brand of structural glazing spacer.