Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Foams
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Foams

It’s either the bane of your existence or music to your ears. And whether you’re a home owner, hotel operator or architect looking for ways to keep the noise out, or you're a home theater enthusiast or sound engineering professional trying to keep the sound in, Green Glue Company has the right solutions to noiseproof your life.


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Noise Proofing Compound

As one of the top-selling soundproofing solutions in the world, our flagship product is a viscoelastic compound that can be quickly and easily applied between two sheets of drywall, plywood or any commonly used building materials in new construction and remodeling, effectively eliminating up to 90 percent of noise transfer from one room to another.

Noise Proofing Clips

The newest noiseproofing solution from Green Glue, our innovative clips provide resilient decoupling in new construction projects and have been shown to reduce noise transfer by more than 90 percent in certain new construction situations. Green Glue Noiseproofing Clips can also be used with Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound for even better results.

Noise Proofing Sealant

Gaps between soundproofed floors and walls can have a major impact on sound transfer from room to room. By applying Green Glue Noiseproofing Sealant, sound isolation can be improved by as much as 30dB, eliminating leaks and leading to significant noise reduction.

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