Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Foams
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Foams

Thermalbond® & Thermalbond Xpress™ Spacer Tapes

Thermalbond detail

    The industry standard for more than 30 years, THERMALBOND® is the world’s most recognized brand of structural glazing spacer. THERMALBOND® is designed for use in structural silicone glazing systems where there is direct contact with the silicone adhesive. THERMALBOND® temporarily fastens the glass to the frame, allowing movement of units through the shop. The vapour permeable cell structure provides for rapid curing of the silicone adhesive.

Structural Glazing ProdDet

 Structural glazing is an innovative technology that has dramatically changed the face of architecture around the world. The successful bonding of glass and other exterior wall panels to the framing system of a building depends on creating the proper size joint for the adhesive and the complete compatibility of components. As designs become more exciting and architects reach farther to express their ideas, proven performance and durability are a must. THERMALBOND® offers today’s buildings the world-class performance needed for the future.

Product Range:

THERMALBOND® is available in two versions (V2100 and V2200) for factory or field installations. Both products come standard with a high-strength acrylic adhesive, for quick and easy placement on painted or anodized frames.

Life Cycle Assessment Fact Sheets & Press Releases are also available here.

  • Semi-rigid material
  • Compatible with structural silicone adhesives
  • Two-sided adhesive
  • Vapour permeable
  • Variety of standard sizes
  • High density logo liner
  • Low thermal conductivity

Thermalbond Xpress offers :

  • a structural glazing gasket with design freedom
  • a tape gasket with adhesive on one side and no liner to remove
  • a positive impact on Sustainability


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