Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Foams
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Foams
NORBOND® Optical Tapes

Achieve Greater Customer Loyalty with NORBOND® Blocking Pads

Ensure Precise Fulfillment of Prescriptions


The edging process, or final shaping of an ophthalmic lens, requires a high performance edging or blocking pad.  As the only component to secure the lens in place during the abrasive edging process, the pad is a crucial to ensure prescription fulfillment.Optical_Edging


Protect Your Lens Processing Investment

Combining good adhesion and torque resistance, the pad must be flexible and provide excellent conformability to avoid breaking the fragile and costly lens material.  Choosing the right edging pad can enhance productivity and decrease waste, especially for advanced anti-reflective and super-hydrophobic coatings.


Use High-Performance NORBOND® Blocking Pads

Saint-Gobain provides a variety of edging pad solutions for a wide range of lens materials, machinery and coatings.

SecurEdge portfolio

OP45/OP46 Series

Blocking Pads for Super-Hydrophobic Lenses.

The OP45/OP46 Series are engineered specifically for the new generation anti-reflective and super-hydrophobic lens coatings. Their high performance adhesive system makes this the ideal product for single-step edging.

OP5C Series

Blocking Pads for a Wide-Range of Lenses. 

The OP5C Series features a unique internal reinforcement technology to prevent off axis movement and ensure maximum wet-out for a wide range of lens materials, coatings and curvatures.

OP7 Series

Blocking Pads for General Use

The OP7 Series is an economical, yet reliable edging pad for general use. Combining a strong acrylic adhesive and flexible polyurethane foam, it removes cleanly with no residue and will not slip during edging.

6400/6500 Series

High density polyolefin foam substrate, incorporating acrylic adhesive on both surfaces.

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